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We are a Heathen Foray, a Melodic Death Metal band from Graz, Austria. We play a unique blend of Ensiferum, Amon Amarth and Dragonforce inspired music.

  • We have released 5 studio albums. 4 of them under a label, the last two on "Massacre Records"
  • Our song Fight was streamed over 580.000 times on Spotify since 2015.
  • Our music is streamed 70.000 times a month on Spotify
  • Our 2nd album, "Armored Bards", was viewed on YouTube more than 191.000 times
  • We have played with bands like Ensiferum, Equilibirum, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani and toured Europe four times

Please feel free to download our Electronic Press Kit (EPK). It contains a full biography, contact info, logo, photos and our best music.

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Heathen Foray

Melodic Death Metal from Austria



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