Posted on: 10 October 2022

Guitar Tabs for The Passage available

You asked and you shall receive!

Get our new “The Passage” tab pack here:

You can now play along to all the songs on our album “The Passage” with our tab collection. Songs included:

- Fading Tree
- Northstar
- Winterking
- Fortress Of Faith
- Chants
- Dragons Eyes
- Ancient Secrets
- Wolkenbruch
- Theatre Of Battle
- Wilderness Lore

10 tabs, each in Guitar Pro, TuxGuitar and MIDI compatible formats.

Instruments included:

- Guitars
- Bass
- Drums
- Orchestration (where applicable)

We included various subfolders. Each for a specific file format of the tab. The content of the tabs is the same in each format.

- GP = GuitarPro 7+
- GPX = GuitarPro 6+
- GP5 = GuitarPro 5+ / TuxGuitar
- MIDI = Anything that can open a MIDI file

Yes, we will also publish tabs for the other albums…soon.

You can get the tabs in our official merch shop: