Heathen Foray

Melodic-Pagan-Metal from Austria

The Passage

Albumcover The Passage


  1. Fading Tree (mp3)
  2. Northstar
  3. Winterking
  4. Fortress of Faith
  5. Chants (mp3)
  6. Dragon's Eyes (mp3)
  7. Ancient Secrets
  8. Wolkenbruch (mp3)
  9. Theatre of Battle
  10. Wilderness Lore


  • Length: 44min
  • Recorded at "The Rockstudio" in Summer 2008
  • Produced by Tom Brugger and Heathen Foray
  • Bookletphoto by Vinzenz Haas
  • Cover Design by Chiwa Media
  • Cover Artwork by Jonas Jakobsson


  • Robert Schroll - Vocals
  • Jürgen Brüder - Guitars
  • Bernd S. Zahn - Guitars
  • Markus Wildinger - Bass
  • C. Michael Hofbauer - Drums

All music and lyrics written by Heathen Foray


To our families and friends, Daniel Koinegg, Safet Pehlic, Markus Engert, Tom Brugger, Alex Wildinger, Daniel Graf, Black Bards Entertainment and all our fans who supported us and believed in our music.