Heathen Foray

Melodic-Pagan-Metal from Austria

Markus Wildinger - Bass

Markus Wildinger - Bass

The north of Styria is since the beginning of his time his residence. His village (the name comes from Gorjan, which means something like mointaineer) lies in the middle of the cliffy, rocky Northmark and covers only a few inhabitants.

Dark forests and sparkling blue seas are the characteristics of his isolated home. In his childhood he was (thanks to the gods) confronted with Rock, Country, Blues and also Folk-Music. This triggered some kind of "love for music" inside him. In the following years the was attracted by Metal.

Then came the time to learn an instrument. A friend of him (hail to HP) brought him the motivation to do so. Markus started to pick the Bass for Saturnine, that band he formed with his brother, which didn't have a bright future before it.

In spring of 2008 he came to the capital of Styria to audit for the Foray Clan on Bass. With success! Mesmerized by the attraction of the city (but nothing goes over living in the countryside) and the enthusiasm of the other bandmembers he began to be a part of this Metal Combo.



Markus Wildinger

Date of birth



Göriach, BM

Equipment (Bass)

  • Yamaha RBX 375

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