Heathen Foray

Melodic-Pagan-Metal from Austria

Bernd Zahn - Guitars

Bernd Zahn - Guitars

After the bands call for a new guitarist, Bernd responded to it immediately. He galloped to the beautiful city of Graz in no time (without a horse!). His roots (according to his mother) reach into the afar Asia. And if this would not be already enough, Bernd was born in the year of the dragon!

From his early childhood on he has the gift to totally amaze and astonish people with his cunning questions. He is for sure a human being with a huge thirst for knowledge. His musical path started in his early years when his mother thought him how to play the piano, event though he was bored by it and changed soon to the guitar. The experience he gained from the piano was very helpful to develop his guitar skills further more.

Early he discovered his preference for special playing-techniques. Just using a pick was too boring, therefore he is playing the guitar with a fiddlestick from time to time. But now he reached his aim. His long journey comes to an end and he federalizes with the noble heathens. To his never ending thirst for knowledge!



Bernd S. Zahn

Date of birth



Ragnitz, G

Equipment (Guitars)

  • ESP SV
  • Ibanez Doubleneck
  • Dunlop 0.88 mm
  • Zoom GFX 1
  • Senheiser Freeport Instrumentset
  • Gewa Violabogen 3/4
  • Pirastro Kolophonium

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